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Create a video header using Canva for MAXTECH Powered by kvCORE

I absolutely love videos on websites! Of course not everyone has a fancy camera or knows how to edit videos so I thought I would put together a quick tutorial on creating a video header inside Canva!

The Canva Pro account (around $120/year) gives you acess to not only everything Canva has to offer, but you have access to amazing photos and a ton of videos! If you live in a popular area, you may be surprised at how many videos are available to you!!

We used the YouTube Thumbnail template, go to elements and do a search for your areas and select videos to see what is available! If you are in a remote area, maybe do a search for real estate agent or family moving to get some general videos to use.

Once you have a couple videos, download (minimum 1080HD) as an mp4 then upload to YouTube. Once uploaded you will need the video ID which is everything the last part of the video -

for this url it would be 3yg09IEbOAc

Paste that ID into your website settings under YouTube Video ID and then save! Refresh your home page and your video is live!

Watch a quick tutorial!


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