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kvCORE - Importing Your Contacts

Importing your contacts into kvCORE can be a simple process if you use their importing template Here are some tips and the spreadsheet you can start working on now so when it opens in your area you are ready to go!

When importing contacts into kvCORE, you have two options: let us handle it for you to save time and avoid incorrectly importing your data or import the contacts yourself to retain full control over the process.

Regardless of the import option you choose, we recommend that you use the applicable import template as a guide for formatting your file.

Please Note: You will not get New Lead Notifications for leads you manually add or are via a CSV.

Import Templates (Recommended)

Please Note: There is a max file size of 2MB. The file must contain a header row.

kvCORE Lead Import Template - USA Format

kvCORE Lead Import Template - Canada Format

Please Note: Imported Leads CANNOT have automated Campaigns and/or Search Alerts assigned to leads using the import hashtag (i.e."import1234567") or the Souce "Lead Import". Imported Leads CAN have automated Campaigns and/or Search Alerts assigned to leads with a unique Hashtag, Status, Type, etc.

Some Other Tips:

Import Overview (1 min.)

Supported Import Fields (4 min.)

How to Send a Welcome Email After Importing Your Contacts (3 min.)

🎥US Lead Import File - Video (8 min.)

🎥Do It Yourself - Video (3 min.)

🎥Let kvCORE Handle It - Video (3 min.)

Check out the many Tutorials kvCORE has available with some tips on making your import smooth! Click Here

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