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Open House Checklist

Open House Checklist!

Many agents come to me and are looking for ways to MAXimize their Open House experience so I thought I would put together the 5 basic steps as a checklist for getting people thru the door!

Read more details below the graphic…..

  1. Add the Open House info to the MLS,, Zillow & as well as any other website that will allow you to do this! This will give consumers searching online the information!

  2. Let neighbors know! Knock or send postcards! Most of your neighbors chose this area for a reason and when they love their neighborhood, they will let their friends, co-workers, etc know about the Open House!

  3. Send email to sphere & other agents! Using e-blast or other email program.. let your prospects looking in this area know as well as other agents who can send their clients to your Open House! RE/MAX Elite Agents – Heather can set up a FREE mailchimp account and help you through this process! If you are using our KV system, send out notifications is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  4. Post info with photos on FB, run targeted ad! Post your Open House Flyer, Listing Flyer (you can use the flyer that is automatically sent to you with our Automated Listing Marketing services or Heather can help you create a gorgeous flyer in your Design Center)! Post this flyer or multiple photos to facebook with a link to the property website for full details and run a local ad on Facebook! ~Not sure how? no worries, get with Heather and she can create one for you!

  5. Make sure you have a minimum of 10-15 branded Open House directional signs! You can gain a lot of eyeballs for your Open House as well as you personally with these branded Open House signs! Soon people will be telling you that they see your signs EVERYWHERE! So even if you have a low turn out for your Open House, know that your name has been seen by all of the drive by traffic!! Put out a minimum of 10-15 signs!!!

Of course this is the basics… if you want to add more, set up your appointment with Heather today! You know her head is a scary place to be! ?


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