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Referral Success: It’s Easy Money

Sometimes we are always fishing for new / potential leads that we forget to spend time focusing on referrals... here are some tips for Referral Success

  • Consulting with clients on their plans when buying and or selling a property should always include inquiring where they are coming from and where they are going.

  • Make sure to emphasize that you have access to highly experienced and professional agents all over the world that would be happy to assist them with additional transactions and serve as local experts.

  • Explain that you will qualify any referred agent and stay in touch throughout the process to ensure that the best service is being provided.

  • Analyze your market and the businesses, universities and institutions within it. Forge relationships with key individuals who are transferring in and out and build your potential for future referrals.

  • Use the Global Referral Exchange (RESAAS) which is open to all agents, also if you have any designations, make sure to check out those referral portals! ALWAYS Call the agent candidates and interview them to ensure they meet the criteria and professional approaches that you feel best suits your client.

  • Attend REALTOR events such as NAR & State Conventions, team events, regional and industry events and build relationships. Use these relationships as a way to refer or locate qualified referral candidates.

  • Consider taking industry classes in other regions as a way to meet agents in new markets and forge brand new referral relationships.

  • Make sure you let your network know that you can assist them when they have any need relating to real estate.

  • Remember that as you assist clients with their needs you stand to prosper as well. Consider adding a signature to your email saying – “Please give me a call or email me if you know anyone who might want to buy or sell property ANYWHERE in THE WORLD. I’ll take excellent care of them OR I’ll find a top agent to help them in another part of the country or the world. Thank you in advance for your referrals.”


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