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Stand out by Establishing Credibility

Establishing credibility and expertise with potential clients depends on putting your best foot forward.

Here a few tips on how to stand out…

Gather information.

Have your client fill out a short form that outlines exactly what they are looking for in their new home, or what they hope to accomplish with the sale of their current home.

Leave a listing folder.

You probably review a lot of information in your listing meeting, so leave behind additional information your clients can reference after you leave. Include information on your process, your background and testimonials from clients.

Allocate enough time.

Don’t rush through your presentation as you want your potential client to feel comfortable with you and your process. It’s good to allow at least 90 minutes if they are available for that extended amount of time.

Have a set routine.

Having a routine means you will project confidence from the start. Take a tour of the home, takes notes and envision what needs to be done and why the seller should list with you.

Build rapport.

Don’t make the meeting all about the listing. Learn more about your potential clients and build a relationship with them. This will help them feel more comfortable with you and it will help you learn more about them.

Do your homework.

Make sure you gather all the right information to price a property properly. Use the same guidelines appraisers use when coming up with comps for the pricing conversation.

Reach an agreement.

When you sit down, the goal should be to reach an agreement on the timing of the move, the value of the property, and the marketing plan. Once you agree on a listing price and set expectations for a win-win situation, then end the meeting by having them sign the listing agreement.


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