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Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

In most areas of the nation, the holiday season can be a struggle for selling or buying real estate. Most families want to be settled in their home before the rush of the holiday parties and errands, of course weather can also be something you have to consider in your business.

With all of this in mind, now is a great time to implement some holiday marketing to prep for an amazing Q1! Here are some ideas we found!

  • Send real estate holiday emails

  • Host a home decorating contest

  • Create holiday donation drop-offs

  • Make your website festive for the holidays

  • Make charity gifts an incentive

  • Join in on the Holiday parades in your area making a "house themed" float! Add your Sold sign on the house (the little tikes kid houses are perfect for decorating)!

  • Holiday themed Open House (think photos with Santa or similar to draw a crowd)

  • Photo with Santa at your office

  • Gingerbread decorating party (bring the supplies, fun family event)

  • Holiday swag (annual calendars, etc - anything with your branding)

  • Holiday wrapping for a charity - Bring family & friends to help you with wrapping presents for a donation to your favorite charity.

  • Send out Movie Tickets to your top referral partners

  • Have a Client Appreciation party at the theatre with a private showing of a Christmas Classic Movie!

  • Jars of Hot Chocolate - Fun DIY project and great Pop Bye idea!

  • Holiday Newsletter - Reflecting the entire year - Fun personal & business news that wraps up the entire year. Thanking them for XXX

  • Send out your favorite Holiday recipe on a postcard!

  • Social - What is your favorite family tradition? Share a photo with description of your tradition on social and ask people to comment to share theirs!

  • Social / Blog - Make a list of all of the parade and events in your area! Create a blog with the information and share to social & newsletters!

  • Social / Blog - Where are the best Christmas lit houses? Make a list and share to social and newsletters!

  • For the office - Have a door decoration Contest and give our prizes for best themed, most creative, etc - this is always fun and makes for a beautiful and festive office all season long!

We are sure these ideas can open up other ideas that would work perfectly for your business! We would love to hear them!


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